Great Gift!Meghan Willbanks

Gregg was great in capturing our family’s moments. He got some beautiful shots of my two-year-old and was very professional and personable to work with. We were in Hilton Head celebrating my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary and it was a great gift for them! 

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Amazing!Elizabeth Rhoden

Gregg did our wedding and it was amazing! I hate being the center of attention and he made the picture hour painless!! He is super organized getting a big family together and the pictures came out better than I could’ve imagined!! I’m so glad Gregg was there to capture our special day!

Great Shots!Sheena Throckmorton

Excellent photographer, great shots and works well with little kids 🙂 Can’t wait for him to do more photos in the future.

We would recommend him for any event.Courtney LC Waldrup, Association Executive, J. Edgar Eubanks & Associates

Gregg has worked with our association management company for over 25 years. He has been an asset to every convention, seminar and conference locally and nationally that he photographs. Gregg is not only reliable but very competitive in pricing. He demonstrates extreme professionalism and is very adaptive socially. We would recommend him for any event.

Extremely happy with our decision!Janel and Rusty Everett

Gregg Flory was the perfect photographer. My husband is very hard to photograph, and Gregg managed to keep him entertained, and interested. He was such a joy and very professional to with. My family loved him, our wedding guest, and of course the Bride Groom!! We have recently received the proofs of our pictures, and we are extremely happy with our decision to hire Gregg Flory.

We will definitely use Gregg again!The Berman Family ~ Marietta, GA

This past summer was our family’s 2nd time going to Hilton Head Island for the 4th of July. We had a great time! The only difference is this time we meet Gregg and now have beautiful memories of this trip to last for a lifetime. He was very patient with my rambunctious crew & picture he took are priceless! He was super accommodating, with lots of great ideas! The entire process was pleasant, professional and the turn around time excellent! We will definitely use Gregg again!

It was absolutely a pleasure working with you.Rebecca Rosen

The pictures are beautiful! I absolutely love them. Thank you for getting them back to us so quickly. Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding. It was absolutely a pleasure working with you.

The quality of the work is second to none.Cory Seay, Landstar Systems, Inc.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Flory Photography for 20 years for our annual convention. The attention to detail in understanding our program needs and the quality of the work is second to none.

A true perfectionist!Marley and James Douglas

Gregg, Thank you so much for helping make our wedding day so special! Our experience with you was one to remember! You were very efficient and on spot with exactly what we wanted – to the solo shots of us to the family, wedding party and reception pictures! We were so comfortable with you – you made our wedding party have fun when taking pictures, which doesn’t happen often. The final album you put together was the best I’ve ever seen. We appreciate you taking the time to find the best pictures and crop them to perfection. It saved us time in having to go through all the pictures and debate which the best were – you knew exactly which ones to use! We also appreciate your suggestions of where the best shots were – you are a true perfectionist! Thanks again for making this day the best one ever!